This plugin allows Pressbooks to be integrated with on-line courses using the 1EdTech LTI specification.

The LTI specifications from 1EdTech provide a seamless and secure mechanism for making connections between a platform (such as an VLE/LMS) and a tool (such as a textbook on a publisher's site or a quiz engine). This plugin enables a Pressbooks installation of WordPress to be accessed as an LTI Tool. It is built as an extension of the LTI Tool plugin.

This plugin was developed with the financial support of Delivros Orell F├╝ssli, Switzerland.


See the project wiki in the ceLTIc Project GitHub area.


Creative Commons License This work is written by Stephen P Vickers and is released under a Creative Commons GNU General Public Licence. The Pressbooks as an LTI Tool plugin is available for download from the ceLTIc Project site where it is also possible to report issues.

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