This Building Block provides a module which displays the contents of the user's MyWebCT page and allows them to log into WebCT using a single sign-on (SS0) mechanism. In addition to a login button, the following components of the MyWebCT page can be displayed:

System requirements

The B2WebCT Building Block is written for Blackboard Learn 9.0 (or higher). It requires the Community System to be licensed for the Blackboard Learn server. It includes the following dependent Java library files:


This Building Block is installed by a Learn 9 system administrator in the same way as other Building Blocks. The following attribute privileges are required to be approved when making the Building Block active:


The Building Block uses web requests to the System Integration API Standard Adapter to obtain details of a user's MyWebCT page and to log them into WebCT. The GLCID and shared secret configuration settings (see below) should be identical to the settings from the WebCT server. For further details refer to the following WebCT documentation:

Configuration settings

Click on the Settings button against the Building Block entry on the Installed Tools page from the System Admin tab. Textual default settings are dependent on the current language pack and so may differ from those specified below.

WebCT server

Name Required? Default value Description
URL of WebCT server Yes   Enter the URL for the WebCT server (e.g. http://www.webct.server.edu)
Institution GLCID No   Enter the GLCID of the WebCT institution to connect to (leave blank to use the default setting configured in WebCT)
Shared secret: Yes   Secret for the WebCT System Integration API Standard Adapter
Use MAC2? Yes Tick this box to use a MAC2 rather than a MAC to secure the connections to the WebCT server
Source field for WebCT username Yes Username Select the field in which the WebCT username is stored in Learn 9; this may be the username, the student ID or the Batch UID
Timeout Yes 30 Timeout period in seconds for requests to the WebCT server for a user's MyWebCTXML details

XML cache

Name Required? Default value Description
Cache age Yes 0 The number of minutes before which a new copy of a user's XML is requested from the WebCT server (0 will disable the cache)
Cache size Yes 0 The maximum number of entries permitted in the cache (0 will disable the cache)

Course components

Display settings

The following settings apply to each course component:

Name Default value Description
Display by default? No  
Allow user to override? No Whether the user can override the display setting
Hide when empty? No Whether the section is omitted completely if there is nothing to display
Apply default XSL? Yes This setting is disabled when no customised XSL has been entered

The order in which course components are displayed can be changed by dragging the rows to the required position; changes are only saved when clicking on the Submit button. Tick the Users can change order? box to allow users to change the order themselves. The default XSL (see below) can be customised via the action menu against the component name.

Login button settings

Name Required? Default value Description
Login button text Yes Launch MyWebCT page Enter the text to display on the login button
Open WebCT in a new window? Yes Yes Tick this box to have WebCT opened in a new browser window
Name of new window No   Name to use for the new window (leave blank for none)
Features for new window No toolbar=no,location=no,status=yes,menubar=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes Window features to pass to the JavaScript window.open method

Enrolment settings

Name Required? Default value Description
Login link title Yes Launch WebCT section Enter the text to use as the title for login links
Sort by term? Yes No Tick this box to have enrolments sorted by term
Terms to open by default No   List all the terms (separated by commas) to be opened in the display by default
Default term name Yes No term Name of term to use for sections not allocated to a term
Sort order Yes Ascending Enrolments may be sorted in ascending or descending order

Default XSL

The display rendered by the module is made up of the output from parsing the XSL file for each of the course components to be included (in the selected order and enclosed in a div tag). The following parameters are available for passing to each XSL file:

The default XSL used by each of the components making up the module display is given below.


The B2WebCT Building Block module is configured from the System Admin tab. A sample display is shown below which is set to force the display of the login button for all users.
Sample configuration page

The module may be displayed on any Module page; its contents will replicate the user's MyWebCT page for those components which have been selected. A sample display is shown below.
Sample module display

The above display is based on the following user customisation which does not include the External courses component and displays the Grades component even when it is empty.
Sample user customisation page


If you experience any problems using this Building Block try the following to trace the cause:

Version history

1.0.03 October 2010First public release
1.0.14 October 2010 Fixed permissions issue with Learn 9.1
Improved CSS
1.0.212 October 2010 Fixed SSO bug when GLCID is not specified
Fixed error in URL for opening a WebCT section in the same window
1.0.316 October 2010 Added Swedish language translation (courtesy of Linnaeus University)
Minor page format changes
1.0.426 October 2010 Added caching of XML retrieved from WebCT server
Fixed error in enrolments XSL when a user has hidden courses
1.0.527 October 2010 Handle named changed to lowercase (b2webct)
Cosmetic changes to XMLcache class
1.0.66 November 2010 Replaced stylesheet with style parameters to HTML elements to workaround IE issue when loading the module asynchronously
Amended JavaScript for IE issues
Corrected retrieval of XML cache age setting
1.0.76 August 2011 Added timeout for MyWebCTXML requests as a configuration setting


Creative Commons License This work is written by Stephen Vickers and is released under a Creative Commons GNU General Public Licence. The Swedish translation has been provided courtesy of Linnaeus University. The B2WebCT Building Block is available for download from OSCELOT where it is also possible to report bugs and submit feature requests.

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