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This Building Block for Blackboard Learn 9 allows course instructors to search a repository supporting SRU while logged into Blackboard, and to quickly create links to content within their Blackboard courses.

System requirements

The Link2Repository Building Block is written for Blackboard Learn 9.0 (or higher). It requires the Community System to be licensed for the Blackboard Learn server. It includes the following dependent Java library files:


This Building Block is installed by a Learn 9 system administrator in the same way as other Building Blocks. The following attribute privileges are required to be approved when making the Building Block active:

DataCourse contentsCreate, edit, remove

Configuration settings

Click on the Settings button against the Building Block entry on the Installed Tools page from the System Admin tab.

Name Default value Description


The Link2Repository Building Block module is configured from the System Admin tab.


If you experience any problems using this Building Block try the following to trace the cause:

Version history

1.0.031 October 2010First public release
1.0.13 July 2013Updated to support more recent releases of Learn 9.1


Creative Commons License This work is written by Charles Duncan, Boyd Duffee and Stephen Vickers and is released under a Creative Commons GNU General Public Licence. The Link2Repository Building Block will be available for download from OSCELOT where it is also possible to report bugs and submit feature requests. This Building Block is based on the PowerLink written for WebCT and re-uses some Java classes from this project which are the copyright of Intrallect. It also uses code from the Prototype Window Class.

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